Designated Emergency Lanes

The DPW Director has identified all “roads currently being plowed in the winter and listing them in certain categories that will serve as the basis for their designation. Four categories will be used including: Bus routes, thru roads, roads leading to lake access and general Town benefit roads.”

The Town of Moultonborough Selectman Board has approved this Emergency Lane Designation and our roads will continue to be plowed in the winter under the third designation “roads leading to lake access”.

The Town requires that all private roads meet the following requirements: Roads must be passable and maintained at all times for fire trucks and emergency vehicle access. Tree branches overhanging our roads must be trimmed to 14″ including branches that will droop to 14′ when snow covered and the brush along the sides of our roads needs to be trimmed back 5′.

We have contracted with Brian and Dave Thompson to trim the overhanging trees and brush cut the sides of our roads in October. They will also apply ledge pack and rake it in areas of our roads that need treatment.

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