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The Annual Meeting will now be held Monday July 5th at 9:30 am

Still at 16 Toltec Point. Please tell your neighbors if you read this. Stay dry everyone!

2021 Annual Association Meeting on Saturday July 3rd

This year’s annual meeting will be held outdoors at 16 Toltec Point Rd in the driveway on Saturday July 3rd with a rain date of Sunday July 4th. The meeting will begin at 9:30am. The Board has decided for safety reasons to forgo coffee/donuts this year. Members are welcome to bring their own coffee/donut and a chair if needed. Masks are suggested and the driveway will allow enough outdoor space so people can remain separate if they wish.

2020 Annual Association Meeting Format Change due to Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Due to Covid 19, our Annual Meeting on July 4 will not be held this year. Instead, we have mailed all Association members a packet containing Association information, a voting form, and annual financial statements. Voting will close at 12:00 noon EST on July 4, 2020. Stay well everyone and enjoy the summer here in NH.

Change in Law regarding Ice Bubblers or Aqua Therms

There is a recent change in law on this topic that will impact ALL homeowners – please click to read the notice.

2019 Annual Association Meeting on Saturday July 6th

The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday July 6th at Joe Sullo’s house (83 Richardson Shores) starting at 9:30am. Coffee and donuts will be served. See you then!

2018 Annual Association Meeting on Saturday July 7th!

The 2018 Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday July 7th at Joe Sullo’s house (83 Richardson Shores) starting at 9:30am. Coffee and donuts will be served. See you then!

Roadside Mowing and Tree Trimming

This letter was sent to the town of Moultonborough confirming we have completed all necessary work mandated for private road upkeep. Click here to see the letter.

Designated Emergency Lanes

The DPW Director has identified all “roads currently being plowed in the winter and listing them in certain categories that will serve as the basis for their designation. Four categories will be used including: Bus routes, thru roads, roads leading to lake access and general Town benefit roads.”

The Town of Moultonborough Selectman Board has approved this Emergency Lane Designation and our roads will continue to be plowed in the winter under the third designation “roads leading to lake access”.

The Town requires that all private roads meet the following requirements: Roads must be passable and maintained at all times for fire trucks and emergency vehicle access. Tree branches overhanging our roads must be trimmed to 14″ including branches that will droop to 14′ when snow covered and the brush along the sides of our roads needs to be trimmed back 5′.

We have contracted with Brian and Dave Thompson to trim the overhanging trees and brush cut the sides of our roads in October. They will also apply ledge pack and rake it in areas of our roads that need treatment.

Association Road Update

The town meeting on August 24th went as expected. Representatives for our Association were in attendance and spoke about our roads. The Selectmen will vote on whether to classify certain of the roads, or all of them, as Emergency Lanes at their next regularly scheduled meeting on September 7th. There will be no further public input at that meeting.

In addition, the Association is required to trim brush and tree branches for the town to continue plowing.Trees overhanging our roads must be trimmed to at least 14′ high (that includes trees with snow on them that would hang below 14′). Each edge of the roads must be trimmed back 5′. The Association has hired contractors to do this work after Labor Day.

Notice of Hearing Aug 24th, 2017 on Declaration of Emergency Lanes

All residents of Toltec Point and Richardson Shores should have received a copy of the notice sent from the town. Click here to view a copy.

The hearing on August 24th relative to designating most of the private roads in Town as Emergency Lanes is the Town’s solution to the issue of using tax dollars for snow plowing and sanding private road. The purpose of this hearing is to permit the continued plowing and sanding of our roads by the Town.

It is not necessary or required for an owner on any of the roads proposed to be classified as Emergency Lanes to be present at the hearing. Joe, our president, will be at the hearing to state that our Association is in favor of having Toltec Point Road and Richardson Shores Road designated as Emergency Lanes.

Click here for a list of roads. Our roads are listed under “Dead Ends”.